We are experts in multilingual communication!

Your audience will clearly hear and enjoy all speech with nothing lost, distorted or modified in the process.

We are chosen by important event organizing companies from around the world to cover their interpretation needs for their virtual events, onsite conferences, congresses, workshops and other meetingd that require interpreters. 

Different situations require different styles of interpretation, that is why we offer:

RSI (remote simultaneous interpretation): Interpreters work remotely from their office and provide simultaneous interpretation through virtual meetings platforms like Zoom.

Simultaneous Interpretation: Most commonly utilized in large conferences and meetings.
Simultaneous interpretation usually requires special equipment to transmit interpreted speech to
a large number of participants. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes infrared systems and booths.

Consecutive Interpretation: Ideal for one-on-one conversations and small group
meetings, consecutive interpretation is generally bi-directional (i.e. the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish his or her statement before interpreting the language to the other party).
No specialized equipment is necessary for this type of assignment. 

Our interpreters
We are supported by top professional interpreters, members of the most important conference interpretation associations and who are located in the world’s most important cities.
They are university-educated, have years of experience and meet the highest professional standards. 
They are regularly recruited by the EU and international institutions and both the private and public sectors.


In you are looking for additional support services for your event, visit www.lingcom.events where you will find a variety of offerings for all kind of meetings.

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