As an ISO Certified company, LingCom has the necessary resources to handle both small- and large-scale projects in different language combinations with expedited turnarounds. 

Some of our areas of expertise are:

  • Business, Management & Financial
  • General
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Software / Internet / E-commerce
  • Technical: Engineering, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Architecture, IT
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Social issues, Literature, TV & Entertainment, the Arts

If a Certified Translation is needed in Argentina, we can have the document translated by a Sworn Professional Translator registered at the “Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.”

Barra de idiomas.


Working Methodology and Quality Assurance for Translations

The client sends the PM (project manager) the files to be translated. The PM analyzes the document’s content and determines the word count, complexity of the texts, and turn-around time.

A project team is chosen and appointed, based on having the relevant expertise in the subject matter; the project is divided among them. Glossaries* are provided and if necessary, technical training will be given. Each translator has his/her own working tools, including: CAT tools, dictionaries (in electronic and paper formats), relevant texts relating to the subject, and the technology necessary to complete the project. Our translators are vetted for their excellent research skills, which empower them to deal with any text, no matter how difficult or technical.


* We build comprehensive specialized glossaries for clients who request repeat translations within the same subject areas. Each time a project is sent by that client, the glossary is distributed among our teams of linguists. We combine tools and processes to ensure that the correct terms are implemented at all times, fusing accuracy with time efficiency. This process provides guaranteed consistency, while allowing each linguist to submit adaptations and modifications where he/she deems appropriate.


Once the separate sections of a project are completed, including translation and revision performed by the translator in charge, the document is compiled and assigned to an editor who is a native of the target language. This dedicated editor reviews all of the different versions produced by the various translators on the team for consistency in language usage, formatting, and to check grammatical issues and terminology accuracy. At this stage, any inconsistencies are addressed and resolved.


If DTP is required, the files are sent to the graphic designers, who will take care of delivering the translated text in the same format as the source file.


Otherwise, the files are directly returned to the PM who ensures the integrity and quality of our work product. We are constantly monitoring the performance of our resources. Translators’ performances are evaluated after each project is completed and rated within our internal system.


After the client receives the work, we ask for feedback or suggestions in order to improve our service.


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