Every day we are chosen by the most important event organizing companies from around the world to cover their interpretation needs for conferences, congresses, workshops and other events that require interpreters. We work globally to guarantee that our interpreters’ service is impeccable, that the audience can always clearly hear and enjoy all vocalizations with nothing lost, distorted or modified in the process.

It is important to clearly understand and recognize that the role of an interpreter is not at all the same as the role of a translator. An interpreter must instantaneously select the right translation for every spoken expression. There is no opportunity to edit; no margin for error.
The interpreting profession is based on vast general knowledge, university-level understanding of different areas, and above all, a passion for language.

We are supported by top professional interpreters located in the world’s most important cities.


In addition to the interpretation service, our fees include the coordination and supervision of a third person to be present at the event to ensure that the service provided is fully efficient and professional. This service depends on the location of the event, the number of hired interpreters and working days. We also offer technical equipment rental to our clients for simultaneous interpretation: booths, receivers, AV and all the necessary technology to support a successful conference.

Different situations call for different styles of interpretation. Therefore, we provide:

Simultaneous Interpretation – The interpreter vocally translates the message while the speaker gives his or her presentation. Simultaneous interpretation usually requires special equipment to transmit interpreted speech to a large number of participants. This method is commonly used for large conferences and meetings.

Consecutive Interpretation –This method is ideal for one-on-one conversations and small group meetings where consecutive interpretation is generally bi-directional (i.e., the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish his or her statement before vocally interpreting to the other party). In general, no specialized equipment is necessary for this type of assignment.

Technical Support

We offer technical support to our clients for simultaneous interpretation services. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes: wired, wireless, and infrared systems plus a full range of AV paraphernalia.

We are also partnered with a fantastic production company. They are onsite, shooting the best scenes from the event to develop a final, impeccably edited DVD. This gives you the opportunity to own an impressive video you can show to clients who missed the conference.

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“LingCom did a fabulous job of providing simultaneous translation for an event (300 attendees) we did in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Paula at LingCom was easy to work with and did a great job of onsite management of her staff. All the interpreters and support staff were very professional and a pleasure to work with. Plus, LingCom provided an attractive and competitive rate for the service they provided. As I look to do more events in South America I will turn to LingCom as a future event vendor partner based on the great service they provided.” Natalie Nemec, ASM, U.S
“From their office in Argentina and on very short notice, LingCom arranged for top-notch simultaneous interpretation for a technical training workshop in Brazil, deftly navigating three different languages. Beginning with the first response to my e-mail inquiry and even beyond their immediate follow-up to verify the quality of the service provided the day of the workshop, they provided a thorough and highly professional service at a fair price. I’ll be sure to contact them for assistance with future events.” Kristopher McCahon, 3TIER, U.S
“I hired LingCom services for the prestigious IBRAM endorsed Health, Safety & Rescue Operations in Mining Summit on 29-30th May 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This company provided fantastic translation services and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The language barrier was never felt in the entire conference which was one of the reasons why the summit was so successful. They provided me with English-Portuguese- Spanish & vice-versa translation at this prestigious summit. I would recommend LingCom team anytime if you want the best services especially in Latin America.” Pawan Kulkarni, Fleming Gulf, Dubai