The Project Manager (PM) acts as the key for providing linguistic and business services.


The PM selects the person or team best qualified to handle each project and acts as the liaison between you (the client) and us (the company).

The PM supervises the vendor’s activities and directs all aspects of the project: from planning and scheduling, to tracking and reporting, to quality assurance, and then to you, with punctual delivery. Our project manager functions as your business partner, frequently communicating with you regarding your specific needs and the status of your project.

Meet the Project Managers


“I’m Paula Amatore, a Certified English-Spanish-English Translator. I have been a translator since 2005 and I haven’t stopped working in this industry and contributing my best since I began. First I started as a freelancer, and then I worked as a sole Project Manager coordinating translation projects. Now I’m LingCom’s General Manager and my main duty is organizing comprehensive interpretation services for important conferences around the world. I also perform other tasks related to LingCom’s Accounting and Marketing matters.

I’m the one in direct contact with local and international clients from multiple industries requiring our services.

I believe that the basis to having a successful business is to offer extraordinary service. This is only achieved by a team with a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for surpassing clients’ expectations. I love what I do and I’m really proud of the way we work at LingCom, because we only know one style of doing things: professionally.”


“I’m Mariana Peralta, a Certified English-Spanish-English Translator. I joined LingCom in 2009. Since then, I have been in charge of coordinating translation, DTP, and transcription and voice-over projects. I’m in direct contact with vendors and deal with daily aspects of production. I have wide experience in Project Management and I’m used to working with vendors from any part of the world. Having been a freelancer myself, taught me about virtually every aspect of this industry.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about my job and I inspire our team of linguists to share that attitude. We all work together and strive to meet client demands and deliver an impeccable service.”


“Both of us know that outstanding client service is only achieved by hard work and a passion for excellence. Therefore, we continue to innovate, continually evolving and streamlining our working processes in order to meet our clients’ needs in the most effective manner possible.”