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Company: Fleming Gulf [Dubai]  Dates: September 23rd and 24th 2015
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Venue: Windsor Atlantica

# of Booths: 2
# of Interpreters: 4

Event Summary: It has been forecasted through a global survey that LatAm leads the world in talent shortage and skill gap. Five out of ten countries that have faced  the similar problems in 2014 -15 are within the Latin American Region itself. Energy companies find it difficult to retain workers at times of crisis creating the need for innovative strategies of employee engagement and creative retention plans. With this constant rise and fall of problems in the Energy sector in Latin America, HR professionals across the Energy Sector are on the hunt to tackle the never ending demands of the HR industry. With the success of the 2nd Latin America HR Summit in 2013, Fleming Gulf returns with the 3rd Edition of the LatAm HR in Energy summit providing a platform to resolve the challenges, issues and the best solutions faced by the HR domain.

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